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We were able to mail the contributions that we usually make at our Annual Meeting. That meeting was canceled due to the Pandemic.

This year we donated $4,400 to Opportunity Enterprises in Valparaiso.

We also donated $5,800 to the Northwest Indiana Food Bank (which covers Lake and Porter County) and the Northern Indiana Food Bank for LaPorte County. This came at a time when both organizations were in high need for donations and they were all very appreciative.

We also donated $3,054 to Toys for Tots to provide Christmas for children that would otherwise not have one.

Supporting the Community
The NIATA and its members are strong partners in the community. All throughout the year they contribute to local community charities, sports teams, churches, schools, etc. They sponsor little league teams, soccer teams; donate to Cancer Society, Heart Association, YMCA, etc. They award scholarships, attend local churches, belong to local chambers and clubs, and their children attend the local schools. The NIATA will continue to support causes that will directly affect the community and the people that live there.

NIATA holds 3 fundraisers a year. The recipients are: Boys & Girls Clubs in Northwest Indiana, Campagna Academy, Food Banks of Northwest Indiana, Meals on Wheels, Opportunity Enterprise, Toys for Tots and TradeWinds.

Staying Local
Not only do they support your community through giving, but each dealership employs an average of 50 to 60 people (or more) and generates millions of dollars in sales tax revenue. So when you are thinking of purchasing a new or used vehicle, go to one of the members of the Northwest Indiana Auto Trade Association. Help them, to help you!



NIATA Dealers
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